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DILG's Mandatory PPAs
Barangay Newly-Elected Officials (BNEO) Program

The Barangay NEO Program is a continuing capacity development program for barangay officials that aims to:

  • Enhance the proficiency of barangay officials in performing their mandated tasks and responsibilities;
  • Equip them with the necessary tools and practices in running the day to day affairs of the barangay

Components of Barangay NEO Program:

PART I: General Orientation on Barangay Governance and Administration

Ang Barangay at Pamamahala:

  • A General Orientation course for barangay officials
  • Aims to enhance the competencies of barangay officials in the basics of barangay governance

Module topics include the following:

  • Barangay Government Structure and Organization
  • Barangay Powers and Services
  • Duties, Functions and Benefits of Barangay Officials
  • Basics of Barangay Development Planning
  • Basics of Barangay Finance
  • Basics of Barangay Legislation

PART II: Strengthening Barangay-Based Institutions

  • Interventions that will make the BBIs functional and productive;
  • BBIs include:
    • Barangay Development Council
    • Barangay Peace and Order Committee
    • Barangay Disaster Coordinating Council
    • Barangay Council for the Protection of Children

PART III: Special Skills Training

  • Enhancement trainings that are geared towards assisting barangay officials in their task as policy maker, program planner, implementer and provider of basic services and facilities
  • Special Skills include:
    • Barangay Development Planning;
    • Barangay Legislation;
    • Barangay Finance;
    • Community Mobilization;
    • Leadership;
    • Creating Vibrant Grassroots Economy;
    • Promoting Peace and Development

BNEO Implementation:

  • In partnership with the Local Government Units, Liga ng mga Barangay, Local Resource Institutions, Media and other stakeholders. The DILG serves as the program manager.
  • Part I is the General Orientation conducted strictly on-site;
  • The Region may utilize practical and doable strategies for Part 1, 2 & 3

Participants of the Program:

  • Part I: All Newly Elected Barangay Officials
  • Part II: All Punong Barangay, Sanggunian Members, Non-Governmental Organizations, People's Organizations representatives in the BBIs;
  • Part III: All Elected and Appointed Barangay Officials